If you have been stopped and an officer asks to search your vehicle, you are under no obligation to consent to the search.

As more states decriminalize, or legalize, different drugs, Interstate 70 becomes more of a corridor for shipping those drugs. It is common knowledge among law enforcement in Kansas that individuals utilize I-70 to transport drugs across the country. However, in their effort to stop the flow of drugs across the state, many law enforcement officers will blatantly violate the Constitution and the rights of citizens to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

What do I do if I am asked about a search?

If you have been stopped and an officer asks to search your vehicle, you are under no obligation to consent to the search. If an officer begins searching your vehicle without your consent, advise them you do not consent to the search, but do not try to stop them. If officers find drugs in your vehicle, do not make any statements, and immediately advise them of your desire to speak to an attorney.

What can Clark and Platt help with?

There are a multitude of charges the attorneys at Clark & Platt, Chtd. have defended when dealing with I-70 drug stops. From possession, to possession with the intent to distribute, to charges involving possession of drug proceeds (i.e. money), our attorneys will provide you with the most zealous defense of your case.

It didn't happen in Manhattan. What now?

Our lawyers have successfully defended marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and other drug cases along the I-70 corridor including: Geary County (Junction City, Kansas), Riley County (Manhattan, Kansas), Wabaunsee County (Alma, Kansas), Dickinson County (Abilene, Kansas), Saline County (Salina, Kansas), Ellis County (Hays, Kansas), Lyon County (Emporia, Kansas), Morris County (Council Grove, Kansas) and Pottawatomie County (Westmoreland, Kansas).

Can Clark and Platt help get my possessions back?

Additionally, in many drug cases, the police may seize your assets and file what is known as a civil asset forfeiture proceeding against your money or property. Our attorneys have represented many individuals who claim property in these types of cases. We have recovered thousands of dollars, vehicles, and other personal property seized by the police from our clients. Your timely response to forfeiture notices is required. Contact our attorneys promptly so we can preserve your right to challenge the forfeiture.

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